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I do not always fully endorse authors and some messages from the recommended websites, images*, videos and books. I would sometimes make some critics but I’m sharing them because they foster self-questioning and critical thinking. I don’t necessarily identify myself to the whole of the political views of the authors. What’s important is the message itself, which sometimes still needs a second level of interpretation.

* All the images in this website that might be copyrighted belong exclusively to their authors. They are gathered here for an educational purpose without any commercial intention and don’t infringe copyright legislation (fair use). If any claim regarding licensing rights or attribution, please send me an email at nicolas.giroux1@gmail.com.


The views and thoughts expressed in the articles are strictly personal. As with everything, they are subject to change over time.


Speach of hatred, insults, discrimination and violence will systematically be removed.

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I'm passionate about sustainable lifestyles and urban agriculture. I believe that community-supported initiatives and bottom-up policies are key to foster necessary societal changes. I'm an advocate of degrowth, agro-ecology, sharing economy and participatory democracy. Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, I like learning, reading, writing, sharing, hiking, dancing, eating, and celebrating.
Nicolas Giroux
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