Most of the books presented here are in French. Sorry if there isn’t the English version.

COUV ptogrès.indd

Le progrès m’a tuer (Progress Killed Me)

Collectif d’auteurs, coordonné par le journal La Décroissance
Written by authors coming from every continents and many different academic backgrounds, this book is a must read to understand what degrowth is really all about, and to realize that development has nothing sustainable if it means a sustainable or green growth. Despite their differences, the authors all share a common perspective: the ecology is not compatible with the economy of growth. “Progress” has become a blinding and fearsome religion, and everyone questioning it is automatically put aside as heretics.

Propos sur les pouvoirs (About powers)

Profound wisdom about the essence of power, and its difficult relationship with human societies. The book is a collection of short thoughts written from 1906 to 1939. The book is striking for how modern it remains, shockingly accurate to analyse the current state of our democracies. To Alain, we owe the following quote: “The most visible trait of the righteous man is to not want to govern others at all, and to govern himself only. That is to say the worst will govern.”

Race et Histoire (Race and History)

Claude Lévi-Strauss
Diversity of cultures, the place of the Western civilisation in the course of History, the relativity of the idea of progress… here are some of the major topics discussed by Claude in this book. Always explained clearly, the book is as famous as its author is respected. It largely contributed, and still contributes, to change the way we think about mankind and civilisations.

Principes du gouvernement représentatif (Principles of representative government)

Bernard Manin
It is a very academic book, but this is precisely its strength. Bernard Manin gives a detailed and documented history of the various forms of government from the Athenian democracy to the modern era. Doing so, he demonstrates that representative government was originally considered an exact opposite of democracy. He explains that our current representative governments would need reforms in order to resemble an actual democracy.

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