Forget peace. Peaceful approach is playing in favor of the enemy.

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When considering my approach in trying to make society more just and sustainable, I realized that preaching reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace was probably not the most efficient approach.

I realize there is a hidden war going on. And the enemy doesn’t care to see what is our reaction. If a country declares war on another, then the other country had better defend itself, otherwise it faces destruction. When war is declared, both parties are involved, whether one likes it or not.

Similarly, the cast of people in power (politicians, financial companies, most big corporations, mass and social media, and extremely rich capitalists in general) are at war against whatever goes against their interests. If a nuclear power plant, releasing toxic waste, fracking for oil, clearing a forest, or diverting a river is good for business, then they are ready to do everything to make it happen.
If covering our world with debilitating advertisements, cutting direct human interactions with non-crossable roads, diverting our attention with smartphones and TV, or if making people sick of air pollution by filling the world with cars and factories is good for business, then they will do it too.

With or without laws, without consideration of justice, sustainability, human dignity, and even less our consent, they will do it.

And if you had not noticed, they are already doing it.

Intimidating, threatening, pressuring, harassing, sometimes killing lawyers, whistleblowers, activists, or just citizens who stand in their way, is a widespread practice worldwide. The news are reporting sometimes such examples, but this is the tip of the iceberg. Such practices occur often at local or municipal levels too.
They use weapons such as armies of lawyers, lobbyists, spies, moral harassment, pressure, manipulation, bribery, threats, sometimes murder to reach their goal.
They use TV to numb us, smartphones to distract us, and adverts to make us forget the reality that our planet is sick of consumerism and capitalism. They use mass media to make us non-questioning citizens, obedient voters, devoted workers, and zombified consumers.

These extremists of Progress and Never-ending Growth have launched their Djihad.

Legal or illegal, what does it matter when you have so much money and when you have friends in politics? They just pay the fine, get a reduction of sentence, and they are back on track.

Sustainable or not? What does it matter. They want more power for sake of having more power. They want to be richer, for the sake of being richer. Like a cancer, they need growth just for the sake of growth.

These people are sick and beyond control, and they need to be stopped.

They couldn’t care less about our wish for peace and forgiveness.
Whenever possible, they should be fought in a non-violent way. But there is no peace until we understand that we need to actively defend ourselves and our environment.
We should be confrontational, defending, attacking if need be, fighting as hard as they do. We, citizens and activists, should prepare strategies and plans to defend our own interests. Like they do.

We are the majority, they are the mad parasitic minority destroying our planet.
We should understand this is a war. We did not want it, but it is there. Whether we like it or not.
A pernicious war, a total war, happening as much in our minds than in our lands.

Because one major problem is that “they” is often also “us”… Who we vote for matters, what we buy matters, how we behave with one another in society matters, how we choose to organize our life matters, how we think matters, the words we use matters, what we watch and read matters, and especially what we passively accept or not matters. So we should find a way to live good without fueling the powers that push for destruction. We should firstly realize in what ways we unconsciously fuel their power and our own destruction.

Destruction of our ecosystems, our forests, our rivers, our mountains, our villages, our family farmers, and our landscapes.
Pollution of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.
Destruction of basic human relations, mental health, physical health, or simply humanness.
Destruction of our traditions, our cultures, our languages, our popular wisdom.
Destruction of our autonomy, our intelligence, our security, our self-esteem.
Destruction of our freedom of thoughts, our privacy, and our possibility to think critically.

This is all happening right before our eyes.

Let us reclaim our brain back, destroy the world of fakes and illusions they pulled over our eyes, let us accept to be the limited humans we are in this finite world, let us autonomize ourselves, free ourselves, and engage like one in this war against nature and humanity they have declared.

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