Short thought 2: A Little Word of Wisdom for When You Feel Down

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Just let go of the things you can’t control, and make the best out of the things you can control: your thoughts, your experience, your talks… as positive as possible.

We live in trouble times, one the most radical change in civilization in human History, it is exciting for the countless opportunities that brings, but it also means the worst and the best can be happening at the same time. Times are so trouble that focusing on the best is a matter of survival sometimes, and focusing on the worst has quickly done to make you feel depressed and sad.

So just focus on what’s good and best, and keep the bad and worst in the rear view. Don’t make the bad the focus of your thoughts because that gives it strength. Give strength on what’s good instead, think positive because if you look for it you will see as many reasons to think positive as there are to think negative. It becomes then a matter of choice.

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