Short thought 1: What if our body wasn’t our property?

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About property, you might think it is strange, but it’s while taking care of a garden that I ended up reconsidering the relation to my body. I tend to sense it as a differentiated object from my “being”. Like a plant, it must be taken care of and I’m responsible for it, but it doesn’t really belong to me.

It is just matter that offers me a support for enjoying life on Earth, that I borrow from Earth for some decades, and that I will have to give back sooner or later. It’s a support for the expression of my thoughts. In the end, I don’t consider my body as my own property, but rather Earth’s property. And this makes me want to respect it even more.

As much as you don’t own the aircraft that makes you travel from one point in space to another, you don’t own the body that makes you travel from one point in time to another.

How does this sound like to you?

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